Coming Soon: A Blogging Update PSA


The year was 2009. Maybe it was 2010. Either way I was in my first two years at West Point and there were some rough days. I used to wait eagerly for Tuesday afternoons, when Allie Brosh updated her blog, Hyperbole and a Half. I’d try to read the new entries slowly, but they were too funny, and I would end up reading them as fast as I could, then read them again more slowly, savoring them, enjoying the illustrations, laughing so hard I cried. They made meĀ so happy.

And then there were the weeks she didn’t update on time. Or at all.

I’d read old entries. I’d refresh the screen idly, hoping that maybe a new entry would appear. I’d drool on my keyboard, praying to the gods of the Internet to be kind.

Eventually she stopped updating, consolidated her cartoons into a book (which I own, duh), and now many of her cartoons are memes so ubiquitous that people don’t even know their origins. (Last week someone referred to her “CLEAN ALL THE THINGS” self-portrait from her entry, “This is Why I’ll Never Be an Adult” as “the girl with the fire stick, haha that one is so funny.” What. That is not a girl with a fire stick; that is Cartoon Allie Brosh with a broom, you ignorant wench.) So that’s that. Continue reading