In Which I Am Asked a Lot of Silly Questions


I ask a lot of really stupid questions at work. My knowledge of cars is pretty much limited to checking the air pressure on my tires, checking my oil, and laboriously changing a tire. But now I work in a motor pool that services a lot of big trucks, so I am routinely stumped by the shop talk that surrounds me. (True story: I bought a copy of “Auto Repair for Dummies” but it is so insanely boring that I have only read like two chapters.) Luckily, ridiculous questions are not exclusive to hapless, confused butter bars.


“Why do you need another bookshelf?”

My own father had the audacity to ask me this when I sent him a picture of a bookshelf that I was looking into buying. I own over 500 books and plan on acquiring many, many more. Books belong on a shelf, on a pedestal, or in my hand. Not in storage. I need ALL the bookshelves so that I may properly display/pay homage to/systematically arrange my collection. I still can’t believe my dad asked me this question. IT’S LIKE HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW ME.

“Are you going to finish that?”

If it’s bread, chocolate, or pizza, why are you even asking? Look at me. These hips don’t lie—of COURSE I am going to finish what I am eating.

“Why are you speaking in a British accent?”

Well, clearly it is to personally irritate you and make your day a little less pleasant. No! I shall tell you why:

          Because British accents are awesome.

          Because now I sound like a resident of Downton Abbey/a student at Hogwarts/a character in a Jane Austen novel.

          And if neither of those works for you: because I’m honoring my heritage. How about that? Now go away before I honor my Native American heritage and scalp you or something.

“Ma’am, do you know how to spell ‘deterioration’?”

Oh you poor, lost little lamb, you sad young man filling out that form. OF COURSE I know how to spell “deterioration”! Better question is why you DON’T know how to spell it…or look it up on your phone…but we’ll move past that and I will spell it for you, because it will probably be the most useful thing I will contribute to America this morning.

“Do you want to come to this week’s training meeting?”

Three questions in return:

  1. Will it be two and a half hours long like last week?
  2. Are there more than fifty slides in the slide deck?
  3. Could I get a shot with a gajillion-gauge needle or bathe in the Arctic instead? Because that would probably be less agonizing.

“Ma’am, are you married?”

This question has confused me on several occasions. Do some people just not wear any kind of band? Because frankly I think this is a stupid question. I have a Manfriend. He is tall, dark and handsome and really good at physics but pretends to be a dumb jock. This basically means we’re perfect for each other because I can never remember if it’s centripetal or centrifugal force that isn’t a real thing and I “catch” objects tossed to me by letting them bounce off my body and then picking them up off the floor.

But despite this felicitous boyfriend/girlfriend relationship in which we are gleefully involved, I am not, in fact, wifed up at this time.

So here’s my confusion. This is what my left hand looks like at work:


This is what my left hand will look like at work after I am married/engaged to be so:


Any questions? (Manfriend, if you’re reading this, please note that the ring is saying, “bling bling!” but if the ring can sing a song as well as declare its superiority over other rings, that’d be cool too.)

“Want a donut?”

Well hello there, unnaturally skinny NCO. Thank you for noticing that it is 10:30 and my blood sugar has just plummeted into Dante’s Third Circle of Hell. There is nothing that sounds more appetizing right now than a piece of bread fried and smothered in chocolate deliciousness. One donut? Actually, I would like about nine (dozen). Unfortunately I cannot partake as my body is currently acting like the United States government in a financial crisis: bloated and still gorging. Therefore I must politely decline your offer of a donut as it is bathing suit season and my tummy is pleasantly squishy and not prepared for its debut. Also, you are Satan. Stop eating that donut in front of me.

“Hey ma’am, wanna go for a run? Show us what you got?”

First of all, I haven’t run without pain in almost two years because of a femoral stress fracture. Before that, I ran slowly. Very slowly. “Shuffled” would probably be a more accurate description, if you’re feeling generous, “trudged,” if you’re not. Second of all, what I’ve got is big hips and stocky legs. My nickname as a toddler was “Dozer.” (Kid you not; ask my parents.) I hate when lean guys with skinny legs ask you if you want to run. Or when dudes whose upper halves are disproportionate to their lower halves aggressively ask you what you bench (P.S. friends don’t let friends skip leg day. Remember that.). You don’t see me running around (colloquially speaking, of course; running is against my religion now) challenging people to sit-up contests all the time. I am a beast at sit-ups. Know why? Low center of gravity. But you don’t see me rubbing it in people’s faces all the time! Know what I want to say when people ask me if I want to go for a run?



“Wanna come down to the shop and play with the welding equipment?”

This is a silly question because OF COURSE I want to play with the welding equipment! It’s loud and dangerous and I’m signed for it, so what the hell, right? BRB, gotta get my coveralls.


  • Manfriend 5 years ago

    Oh cool you already have a ring… that will save me a whole lot of money.

    • Kelley 5 years ago

      Ha. ha. HA. 😛

      • Camille R. 5 years ago

        I like this guy! He has my blessing! ;P

  • Nina! 5 years ago

    I love you. So, so much. This just made my day (replete with impending Law lecture) so much better.

  • Anastasia Cale 5 years ago

    hahahahaha kelley i love you

    and seriously though what is with all the marriage questions, constantly? lol

    • Kelley 5 years ago

      But for real! I think I may need to develop a few theories and then make an entry dedicated to this issue…

  • Jennifer Wells 5 years ago

    “I “catch” objects tossed to me by letting them bounce off my body and then picking them up off the floor.”- Exactly.

    thanks for the cheerfully awesome post. <3

  • Howard 5 years ago

    I read the whole thing in a British accent. I’m not sure how exactly that happened; it just kind of got away from me. And yes, I used that semicolon quite deliberately, thank you very much.

    • Kelley 5 years ago

      And very well you used it indeed!

  • Stiegz 5 years ago


  • aussie kitty 5 years ago

    just… xoxoxoxoxoxox

    and… hahahahahahaah

  • Victoria Carpenter 5 years ago

    OMG this just made my day.

  • mclinch05 5 years ago

    Kelley. I’m so glad you have a blog. Now that I know it exists, I’ll be following it quite religiously.

  • Sam 5 years ago

    Immense approval of the Tombstone reference.

  • Shige 5 years ago

    This is just absolutely awesome

  • Shige 5 years ago

    Korean cab drivers are especially bad about asking if you’re married. Or have boyfriend. And “why you no have boyfriend??”

    • Kelley 5 years ago

      “Do you liiiiiie krital gel?”
      Oh… crystal gel… “No. No thank you.”
      “Oh honey that is why you not have boyfrain…”

  • Camille R. 5 years ago

    Ugh. All of this makes me miss you.

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