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Welcome to the new site!

Get cozy, look around, feel free to put your feet on the coffee table (I know it’s bad manners, but mine was only $25 at IKEA so I always do it anyway). It’s not terribly different from the Mistress of the Motor Pool website, so hopefully you won’t get lost. I’m still settling in, so if you see any bugs let me know. If they’re cute, anthropomorphic bugs I’ll befriend them and turn them into a mascot or license them to Pixar. Otherwise I’ll squash them. Or call an exterminator.

The main change you’ll notice is the blog’s name. I haven’t worked directly in a motor pool in a while now, so I felt the title had become somewhat misleading. My brigade technically still has a mistress of the motor pool, but she is tall, slender, and quite athletic, so we have somehow never been mistaken for one another. (I don’t understand it either.) Also I changed my name so my blog had to also. For solidarity’s sake.


– I ditched my crutches (a.k.a. Leonidas and Jane Austen)

– Christmas!

– I glided ethereally down the aisle to Manfriend

Look at that glide.
Look at that glide.
He seemed pleased.
He seemed pleased.

– We honeymooned briefly; it was great

Demonstrating excellent multi-tasking skills. All aboard!
Demonstrating excellent multi-tasking skills. All aboard!

– We went back to work; it was sad

This was not the winter we had agreed upon, Texas.
This was not the winter we had agreed upon, Texas.

– I got a bunny!

Betty turned

(Just kidding; that’s Betty. I just wanted to put a picture of her in this entry because her birthday was February 21st. Happy birthday, Betty White, Lady of Cadbury! A whole year old, hooray Betty Bunny!)


– Entries on wedding (mis)adventures
– The Second Annual Margo Awards (Get pumped by checking out the first installment)
– Tales of Physical Therapy
– And much, much more (probably)

Welcome back! (I missed you, too.)

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  • Ellen Duke 3 years ago

    Love it and cannot wait for more!

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